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Beautiful websites you can afford

With our small business website packages, you’ll get a beautiful, content-managed and fully responsive website, tailored to your goals and your budget!

Our website bundles

Your business deserves a well-designed, responsive site that attracts customers. As a small business owner, you shouldn’t be spending hours of valuable time designing, updating and maintaining your site.

We believe cutting corners on your website is a false economy. That’s why we’ve put together great value website bundles to help you manage cash flow.

With our small business website packages, you’ll get a website that can compete with big names for customer appeal. Not only that, it will be securely hosted and supported for the duration of your plan.


Website bundles

Pricing from £199 +VAT per month

* SEO setup includes: Advanced Google Analytics Setup & 15 minutes of 1-2-1 training – Google Tag Manager Setup – Google Search Console Setup – Keyword analysis and optimisation for up to 3 key pages

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How does the monthly payment work?

Your website bundle is a 24-month contract. You pay a set-up fee, equivalent to 3 monthly payments, followed by 23 monthly payments.

Example: StepONE bundle
Set-up fee of £597 +VAT payable by bank transfer
23 x Monthly payments of £199 +VAT payable by Direct Debit

What happens at the end of my contract?

At the end of your contract, you can choose to either:

  1. Upgrade or refresh your website by starting a new website bundle (RECOMMENDED – technology and businesses are changing so quickly)
  2. Take on a maintenance only bundle at a reduced monthly fee. Like a SIM only deal for your phone!
  3. Leave us (you’re free to go, no hard feelings. We’ll even assist with the transfer of your site to your new hosting provider, if you give us a months notice)

We’ll contact you two months prior to the end of your contract to discuss your options. If you intend to leave, let us know and we’ll be ready to assist your new agency with any information they need from us to host your site on their server.

Once your contract ends, if you haven’t agreed anything with us, we’ll assume you wish to remain on a maintenance only bundle and bill you monthly for this.

You can cancel this at any time and we will remove your website from our servers. If you cancel and have gone over your planned maintenance hours we will bill you a final payment for your additional usage at our standard studio rate – £99 +VAT per hour.

Do you provide the content?

We believe no-one knows your business better than you. That’s why we prefer it when you provide the words and pictures for your site. However, we do a number of things to make this easier for you…

1. We have access to thousands of stock images, videos and animations at very reasonable fees, usually just a few pounds each. We’ll send you links for you to search and choose them.

2. We use GatherContent, a handy app that provides an easy place where you can manage your words and pictures, ready for us to put them on your new site

3. If you need bespoke copywriting, photography, animation, video, or graphics – just ask and we’ll arrange an estimate.

What if my website project doesn’t fit one of your plans?

Our plans are designed to cover around 80% of the projects we work on. If you have a project that requires additional features that are not covered by our bundle add-ons, then let’s discuss a bespoke bundle. We’ve worked on many complex website projects over the years, so if you’d like something unusual, just ask.

Can I have a website plan without support included?

We don’t recommend having a website without support. If you’re planning to have a website that attracts traffic and generates leads or sales, then it will require consistent marketing effort. This means your site must have regular maintenance, whether you use this for minor tweaks or updates, or for additional CMS training. Our website bundles roll in maintenance and hosting into one handy monthly bill, which also includes the cost of designing and building the site. We’d also recommend adding a digital marketing bundle – let’s make the most of your new site!

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