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Big brands for small business

Our small business branding packages will get your brand identity up to scratch, tailored to your goals, and your budget!

Our Brand bundles

We absolutely love creating and evolving brand identities that convey the right image for your business. It’s so much more than just designing a nice logo. That’s why we believe in doing the job properly while spreading the cost to make it affordable. Cutting corners won’t do your brand any favours!

To keep things simple, we’ve put together these great value brand bundles. Our small business branding packages will get your brand on track, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been around the block.

Brand bundles

Pricing from £139 +VAT per month

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Got questions?

How does the monthly payment work?

Your brand bundle is a contract. You pay a set-up fee, equivalent to 3 monthly payments, then 11 monthly payments. At the end of the contract, you can pay an optional £199 +VAT and we will assign copyright for the brand identity to your business.

Can I add a brand bundle to my website bundle?

Yes. We often find businesses are looking to refresh their branding or logo design as part of a website project. You can add one of our brand bundles onto your website bundle as a bundle option. Our website bundles are 24 month contracts so when you do this, the brand bundle will also be spread across 24 months, reducing the monthly payment. We can only spread a brand bundle across 24 months as part of a website bundle.

Can I customise a Brand Bundle?

Sure! Let’s talk about what you specifically need.

What’s a Design Boost?

These are geared to cover all sorts of design requirements you’ll have as a result of your shiny new identity! For more info, please see our Design Boost info.

How do I use my new logo?

With our brand guidelines documents we demonstrate how to use your logo on various applications and recommend fonts and colours to compliment it’s use.

I don’t know what our values are. Can you help us define them?

Yes we can. Why not talk to us about our brand workshops? The perfect way to get to the bottom of what makes your organisation tick!

How do I know what will appeal to my target audience?

We can glean a lot from some very basic research and if you need proof then we would recommend organising a focus group for a little added reassurance.

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