19 Jun

A typical day at 39steps studio

  • By: Liam
  • Posted: Monday 19th June 2017

So, what's it like to work at 39steps, in the lush suburban forests of Edinburgh? What is a "Phoscyon"? What is a "Cubase"?

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24 Nov

Dzień dobry, lazy Susan

  • By: Liam
  • Posted: Thursday 24th November 2016

​After much research and deliberation, I finally decided upon a cheap-ish external display for my Windows laptop. I went with the BenQ GW2765HT, a sub-£300 27-inch LED IPS monitor. It features a modest resolution of 2560 x 1440, suitable enough for leisurely mucking about in Cubase and Photoshop...

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7 Sep

I bought a bicycle

  • By: Liam
  • Posted: Wednesday 7th September 2016

Cycling in the tropics, monkeys, Edin-burrow, Hawaiian hula hoops, and Autodesk Fusion 360.

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20 Jul

Places you've lived but never seen

  • By: Liam
  • Posted: Wednesday 20th July 2016

There may be places you've been but never seen, if you know what I mean. That is to say, perhaps you've lived in a city, but never quite got around to doing that thing that visitors get around to doing during their short stay...

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18 May

Muffin Review May 18, 2016

  • By: Liam
  • Posted: Wednesday 18th May 2016

​Today's muffin experience was akin to meeting a staunch Belarusian woman on the Aŭtazavodskaja line of the Minsk Metro.

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18 Apr

City adventures

  • By: Liam
  • Posted: Monday 18th April 2016

Pootling around Edinburgh on the bicycle offers up some wonderful Instagram opportunities. The Royal Yacht Britannia, for example, can be found conveniently parked right outside Debenhams.

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7 Apr

Night at the Museum

  • By: Julie
  • Posted: Thursday 7th April 2016

A couple of hours being inspired at the National Museum as part of our monthly outings. An amazing place – and all free, right on our doorstep! Steven and Liam tried chatting with some Early People.

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23 Feb


  • By: Liam
  • Posted: Tuesday 23rd February 2016

There's nothing quite like tinkering around on your own ivory tower. Hey, have you heard of this neat thing called Instagram?

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