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I came in early today as it was my first day back and I wanted to clear my email inbox and get my head sorted before everyone else came in. The first email in my inbox was from Julie (task mistress that she is – well not really) ‘Echo news going out today – make sure you’ve updated your news!’, oh heck…

So here goes but having just spent the last couple of weeks eating too much and erm possibly drinking too much I’m not sure I’ve much to report. I do however want to share my renewed love of Edinburgh. Edinburgh and I have had our ups and downs… I was born here but grew up abroad in sunnier climes so the weather can be a wee problem especially at this time of year. I came back to study in our city but left as soon as I could because it felt very bleak and dark. However, about ten years ago I moved back here with my family my husband’s job being relocated to Scotland and I probably spent the first five years focussing on the weather and dreaming of job relocations to Australia or other exotic places. During the last few years though I’ve realised that I can’t imagine living anywhere else and this year for 2018 I’ve decided to embrace the weather and be completely at one with the city. To do this I’m going to do three things weekly –

1. Do something outside every weekend, preferably with the children unless they’re likely to ruin it by complaining

2. Cycle to work even if it’s lashing down with rain.

3. Go swimming even if it’s freezing

I may not achieve the last two but I figure it’s better to at least have them in writing.

For the last day of the school holidays I took my boys up Hillend to ski, how amazing to have a ski slope ten minutes drive from home in a city! Here, my eldest is seen with stunning old Old Reekie in the background.

Happy New Year to you all.


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