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One of the best things about being a father is sharing a passion with your child.

I love it when Archie, 7, exclaims, “Aw, Daddy, check out that MG Midget!” or “What that BMW really needs is a spoiler and some 20 inch rims.”

Recently he’s been obsessively playing Forza Horizon 3 on the Xbox One – a game I actually purchased for myself, but rarely get the opportunity to play. It’s just brilliant fun and he’s getting quite good at it now.

A few weeks ago, I noticed there was a new Hot Wheels expansion pack and I thought, “OMG, Archie is going to LOVE that.” I wanted him to have it, but I needed an excuse to buy him (me?) it.

And so, it was with a bit of dread, that the ‘Credit System’ was hauled out again. He needed to reach 20 credits and I’d buy the expansion pack. Credits are earned by doing useful activities: making his bed, stacking the dishwasher, tidying his toys up, etc.

After 2 weeks of this, we still only had 5 credits on the board and Daddy was getting very impatient waiting to have a shot of the game, which btw, looks amazing!

This is why, on Friday, I decided to award 15 credits for tidying his bedroom. Honestly, I have never seen him tidy more quickly and thoroughly before. I was expecting to come back in half an hour and end up helping him out, but it was actually finished!

We had a great time together, over the weekend. We did lots of (virtual) crazy jumps and loop-the-loops in some wacky cars, and on Sunday, he even decided that I could play first (“Since it’s Father’s Day”).

My younger son, Fergus (4) also earned credits. He’d like a dolls’ house and a tea set. I love them both dearly.

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