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Handy handbook for SJIB

The Scottish Joint Industry Board for the Electrical Contracting Industry (snappy, eh?) appointed us again to design and produce the 2017 handbook. Chock full of tables, diagrams and bullet points, it needs to be easy to reference as this tome contains all the...

Belting it out at Beltane

I’ve been cavorting with a drum on Calton Hill for Beltane, Edinburgh’s annual celebration of fire and rebirth. Dressed (and painted) as a human Mondrian painting, me and the crew of Aether Drummers pelted the audience with all manner of polyrhythmic...
Gears and laughter – 10 years of marriage

Gears and laughter – 10 years of marriage

I’ve always wanted a Porsche 911. There, I said it. Don’t shoot me. I just love them. I love the shape of them, their usability, compact dimensions and beautiful engineering. I love the history, the racing lineage, and heck, I even love the yuppiness...
Another Jazz album cover!

Another Jazz album cover!

I recently drew another jazz album cover ‘Loving you – celebrating Shirley Horn’ for Canadian American jazz vocalist Peter Campbell. Peter’s voice is so soft and mellow yet very powerful throughout the album. You can listen on...

Gyoza the pug enjoying spring

Gyoza the pug enjoying spring with her friend. ———- #pug #gyozathepug #puglove #lovepug #pugstagram #pugsofinstagram #puglife #pugs #pugshot #pugsnotdrugs #dog #cute #pugsandkisses #petssofinstagram #instapug #pughug #pughugs #instapug #puppy...

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