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Netflix and bill

I’ve been busily working with my academic hat on. A conference paper I presented in April has recently been accepted for publication – yay! It’s all about how we can create digital systems that are responsive to the law – so if you ever notice that your...

Steven finds time for Amazon Prime

Steven is delighted to have Clarkson, Hammond, and May back on his television. He has deeply missed the antics of the three plonkers, since the main plonker plunged his fist into his producer’s, er, fisog. Let’s be frank, Netflix has an infinitely better range...

Ein Stück kuchen, bitte!

Autumn in the Black Forest is pretty special, especially when sharing it with faaaamily. My German is seriously lacking but the brother introduced me to Duolingo and now I am hooked. Our trip included a ride on Europe’s steepest funicular railway, in...

Dzień dobry, lazy Susan

Aftermuch research and deliberation, I finally decided upon a cheap-ish external display for my Windows laptop. I went with the BenQ GW2765HT, a sub-£300 27-inch LED IPS monitor. It features a modest resolution of 2560 x 1440, suitable enough for leisurely mucking...

What’s under the deep blue sea

I’ve started a personal project a while ago called “Into the deep sea”. My plan is that I draw 12 illustrations of travelling into the sea deeper and deeper. So far, I’m at 750m below sea level, where you can meet a giant squid! I am a...

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