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Li’l drummer boy

Laurence spent a weekend with the Edinburgh Samba School at Wiston Lodge near Biggar. He learned new rhythms and songs from Rio, drumming around a campfire under the stars, and generally had a great time (and one or five...
A Chinese Street Food Odyssey

A Chinese Street Food Odyssey

Earlier this year, I was commissioned to draw the cover illustration for the book, ‘A Chinese Street Food Odyssey’. Choosing a traditional bustling city street scene, I drew it in Indian ink, pen and brush. Now published by Pavilion Books Group, it’s full of...

Open wide and say ‘AH…’

I love getting my teeth brushed. In fact, I have my teeth brushed every day, with liver-flavoured toothpaste. Yum! I’m very fussy about choosing the right toothbrush – my human has been buying lots of different types of toothbrushes: I don’t like dog toothbrushes at...


August is a busy time in the DT household as 3 out of the 4 residents celebrate birthdays. The younger members of the house think nothing of requesting some crazily-shaped cake to go with whatever theme it is that year. (F, who was turning 4, loves diggers. As in,...

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