5 Dec

Ein Stück kuchen, bitte!

  • By: Julie
  • Posted: Monday 5th December 2016

Autumn in the Black Forest is pretty special, especially when sharing it with faaaamily. My German is seriously lacking but the brother introduced me to Duolingo and now I am hooked.

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8 Sep

Diggers, bikes and bathrooms

  • By: Julie
  • Posted: Thursday 8th September 2016

August is a busy time in the DT household as 3 out of the 4 residence celebrate birthdays. The younger members of the house think nothing of requesting some crazily shaped cake to go with whatever theme it is that year...

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18 Jul

Prettige vakantie!

  • By: Julie
  • Posted: Monday 18th July 2016

​Julie is just back from a fortnight's holiday in Holland – land of the clog and windmill. Not many clogs, er, clocked...

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7 Apr

Night at the Museum

  • By: Julie
  • Posted: Thursday 7th April 2016

A couple of hours being inspired at the National Museum as part of our monthly outings. An amazing place – and all free, right on our doorstep! Steven and Liam tried chatting with some Early People.

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26 Feb

Run Forrest, run!

  • By: Julie
  • Posted: Friday 26th February 2016

​Julie has been lamppost shuffling, which is her attempt at training for the Edinburgh Marathon. But! Before y'all think she's channelling her inner Mo, it's actually as part of the JCI Scotland relay team. Which, in a way, is worse...

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11 Dec

When I grow up

  • By: Julie
  • Posted: Friday 11th December 2015

Julie has hit her midlife crisis a mite early and decided she really was destined to be in a band.

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