Africa Exclusive folder and business cards

Thursday, Jan. 13th 2011

africa39steps were approached by clients Africa Exclusive to design a folder and update their business cards. The world renowned Safari company, have over 20 years experience in planning specialist, first-rate, safari holidays. They were looking for a high quality folder which could enable them to provide tailor made Safari itineraries for their clients. We created folder cards based on an existing design, which allowed them to insert relevant materials and business cards for individual clients. The folders were printed on a matt laminated card giving a stylish silk finish which helps to highlight the spot varnished logo.

Ross Cambray from Africa Exclusive said, “Thanks so much for your prompt service and excellent finished product. It was our first order of this nature, and of this size, and the design work was first-rate – the folders and business cards needed to be of very good quality to impress our high-end client base and I have no doubt that they will achieve this. In addition, getting the whole order to us on time during the horrible winter weather was a great effort!”

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The Great New Year Resolution Challenge… again

Thursday, Jan. 13th 2011

Another New Year and the perfect time to think about what you want to achieve in the next 12 months, right? Perhaps you’re thinking of keeping fit, losing weight, trying a new career path or simply just bettering yourself. Good luck, the stats ain’t in your favour. Apparently 80% of people don’t even make it further than Jan 20th. Now that’s not to say you won’t, you’re made of sterner stuff, you haven’t gotten this far in life without a steely resolve and a never-say-die attitude. You want to quit chocolate? Good for you. You tuck into your lifeless salad while I help myself to another Ferrero Rocher. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re willing to sacrifice something to better yourself then kudos to you my friend, but remember it doesn’t have to be a hard slog which is the reason so many people drop-out. Try choosing a resolution that actually might be (whisper it) …fun. Here’s a few examples of what I mean.

languageLearn a new language

Language skills can increase business opportunities, it can keep your mind active and it’s even been proven that speaking two or more languages helps to delay the onset of dementia. What’s more if you learn the lingo it makes going abroad easier and gives you a different outlook on life. Which ties nicely in with…

travelTravel more

Travel broadens the mind, enriches the soul and fills you with experience unlike anything else. Observing and embracing different peoples, religions and customs will allow you to step out from your familiar surroundings and your comfort zone. Even regular short breaks will have a positive effect on your thinking and you’ll come back revitalised with a new found sense of Wanderlust. Oh and the weather is guaranteed to be better than here.

Read morereading1

Escape the rat-race and whisk yourself away to lands beyond your imagination. In a time when it’s easier to switch on the TV and vegitate the night away why not simply pick up a book and feed your head. If you’re truly lazy then don’t forget that you can download e-books to your smartphone/kindle/tablet if you’re that way inclined. You’ll also find that most of the classics are free to download so now there’s no excuse, you can instantly get access to that Tolkein novel without carrying what feels like the weight of a pot-bellied pig in your bag.

101101 things to do before you die

We’ve all seen the books and I’m sure have fancied giving it a go, if only to see how far you get, so what’s stopping you? C’mon, live a little! If anything it’ll keep the whole year interesting with the variety on offer. Whether it’s becoming a human guinea pig, joining the mile high club, milking a cow or winning big at the dogs, they say it’s always better to regret something you’ve done than something you haven’t done. Make it happen.

Be yourselfsuncream

Stop trying so hard. Do your own thing. Wear whatever you want, eat whatever you want, go wherever you want. Who cares what everyone else is doing, don’t follow the herd. Be true to yourself, question everything. It’s maybe at this point you’d like to reacquaint yourself with Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Everybody’s Free (To Wear Suncreen)’.

If all else fails then why don’t you spend the year speaking in the third person? Trust me the year will be a riot, you’ll probably make the ‘and finally…’ bit on your local news, although you may find once-close friends not returning your calls. Is alienating friends and family on that ‘things to do…’ list? Check.

So now that we’ve planted some seeds in your head, go ahead and get resolving. We’d love to hear from you about what your resolutions for 2011 are and how they’re going. Make sure to drop us a comment!

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Halo Spartan Heaven

Thursday, Jan. 13th 2011

A humorous play on the idea of multiple life’s in video games.

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8 Stupid Amazon Products With Impressively Sarcastic Reviews

Thursday, Jan. 13th 2011

Anybody can write a review, on any product, whether they have bought it or not. So it’s just a matter of finding a baffling/ridiculous/useless product and watching the Internet’s sarcasm run wild. Check out these reviews

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Now You Too Can Dance Like James Brown

Thursday, Jan. 13th 2011

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