GTA 5 Pensioner’s British Gas Rampage

Thursday, Nov. 7th 2013

Nothing helps to get pent-up anger out of your system like a good old fashioned killing rampage in Grand Theft Auto. It is heartening to see that our much oppressed older generation are now seeing the benefit of this important form of self-medication. Perhaps instead of the winter fuel supplement, our tax money might be better spent on supplying all pensioners with a games console and a copy of Grand Theft Auto 5! Watch as this elderly gamer takes out her anger with British Gas on the much abused residents of GTA’s Los Santos (WARNING – some profanity, a bit of death and general badness, so don’t watch it if you aren’t a fan of such things).


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The gen: Brand Audit

Wednesday, Nov. 6th 2013

A brand is a ‘name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers” (source: the AMA). So, to that end, what does your brand say about your business? Or, more to the point, what do you THINK it says, versus what it ACTUALLY says? It’s important to assess your brand regularly: Do your customers recognise your logo? Do they think of your business in the way you want them to? Do you want more of the same custom or a totally different market?

Well, we love branding. And we love helping to create brands that are strong, consistent, give just the right impression to attract just the right type of customer. For 2014, why not have us to conduct a Brand Audit for you? We’ll assess: the merits of your current name/symbol/sign against your business objectives; the goodwill associated with your brand; how your brand stacks up against the competition; and at what level it appeals to your marketplace. We’ll look at consistency levels of branding across your marketing, recommend any improvements needed, and supply our findings in a handy, jargon-free PDF report.

Our entry-level Brand Audits are FREE in January – book yours today to kick off 2014 the right way!

How NOT to leave your brand looking in 2014...

How NOT to leave your brand looking in 2014…

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Julie’s news

Wednesday, Nov. 6th 2013

…has been mostly making oodles and oodles of tasty grape jelly, from her inherited triffid (once presumed dead.) Hot, sticky, red jam is not something anyone wants spilling onto the cooker though – the pans now stick to the hotplates despite the apparent power of Flash! Aside from attempted domestic goddess-dom, Julie is now a trustee of the small charity ’Kids Love Clothes‘, and is proud that 39steps are on board as a sponsor, creating a new website for this great cause.

'ooh ambassador, weez zeez grapes you are reeelly spoiling uhz!'

‘ooh ambassador, weez zeez grapes you are reeelly spoiling uhz!’

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We need your kids’ clothes!!

Wednesday, Nov. 6th 2013

The cool wee charity helps struggling families with young kids in Edinburgh and the Lothians, providing them with good quality, donated clothes in funky gift bags. We’re always in need of good quality kids’ clothing (0-8yrs) and volunteers to help organise collections in their area/school/nursery!

'We need your kids' clothes!!'

‘We need your kids’ clothes!!’

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New Look for Children’s Charity, SPIFOX

Tuesday, Nov. 5th 2013

39steps was approached by Scottish Children’s Charity, SPIFOX, to create a new Identity, coinciding with its 30th Anniversary in 2013. SPIFOX (Scottish Property Industry’s Festival of Xmas) is recognised and supported by individuals and organisations within the Scottish Property Industry, it’s main aim being to raise money for Scottish Children’s Charities, through events hosted not only at Xmas but throughout the year. The charity was looking to develop a simple logo that reflected, not only, the professionalism of the property industry, but also the fun aspect of being involved with the charity, it’s events and of course the Children who benefit from it’s efforts. With the use of both colour and texture, the new logo gradually evolves from smooth and corporate, through to friendly and colourful  - a successful combination of both professionalism and fun, we think!

’39Steps have supported SPIFOX since 2002. In that time they have provided good humoured and unflappable support in the production of the charity’s annual Christmas Concert programme, developing it from a home spun, black and white offering to the four colour, bound, professional document that it is today – something that is much admired by the many 100s of individuals who attend this annual Yuletide event. It followed therefore that, when contemplating an update to the identity, the trustees would turn to 39Steps for their creativity, institutional knowledge and cost effective implementation. The team grasped the brief and produced an updated and modern identity that clearly reflects the values and proposition of the Charity. The new logo highlights the professionalism of the property industry coupled with childlike influences bearing witness to those for whom SPIFOX works. It is often difficult to work with ‘committees’ but the team at 39Steps were exemplary in their efforts to juggle the views of many and create a new logo that will not only take SPIFOX into the future but one too that is truly representative of the charity and all that we do.’

Penny Hearn, SPIFOX Trustee



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