Whatever Gets You Through The Night

Thursday, Sep. 5th 2013

Not managing to get to much at the festival this year, Julie was really happy to have at least seen ‘Whatever Gets You Through The Night‘ – a theatre performance featuring live music, great acting and multimedia. It’s  a series of scenes with a variety of different characters, giving the audience a taste of what they’re up to when the sun’s gone down. Highlights were the taxi scene (‘all I want is a chippy!’), girl schmoozing her old flame on facebook, and some effortless acrobatics. Fantastic original score too – available to buy online.

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Julie’s news

Thursday, Sep. 5th 2013


Julie is channelling her evening’s creative energy into craft things, a la Emma. Given a spanking new sewing machine for her birthday, Julie is most chuffed at being able to thread the darn thing without aide memoir. No pair of jeans is safe though, as she embarks on her passion for creating denim bunting for anyone who wants it. Think a wee bit eighties, wee bit punk – bit of metal, buttons and seams et voila! Three year wait, mind – she needs to swot up on her blind/running/whojamawotsit stitching!

Julie recommends ‘Whatever Gets You Through The Night’.


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Edinburgh Zoo

Thursday, Sep. 5th 2013

Looking for a good day out?

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John’s News

Thursday, Sep. 5th 2013


John has spent the week recovering from looking after his two Nephews and Niece for a long weekend.

With trips to the Zoo, Museum of Scotland and the Air Museum it was certainly an educational weekend, not just for the children. Uncle John learned that there is indeed a link between hyperactive children and sweets, cats definitely don’t like being played with by a three year old and children are, what shall we say, walking incubators for any bug going.

After a hectic four days, the kids were eventually packed off back home. With the dust just now beginning to settle on his trashed flat John is still trying to catch up on lost sleep and get over his stomach bug and fever that they so kindly left him as a farewell gift. Kids, dont you just love them.

John recommends Edinburgh Zoo.

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Emma’s News

Thursday, Sep. 5th 2013

Pile of Suitcases

Emma like so many others, has taken great pleasure in this summer’s heatwave.  She has become all too familiar with being able to wear clothes that, on any other year,  probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day, never mind 30 degrees of sunshine!  She’s never been one of those ‘organised’  types who pack away so called ‘seasonal’ clothing, certain that it won’t be required at a particular time of year – hence her bulging wardrobe. A suitcase, stuffed full of winter woolies, stored with all good intentions in the Irvine attic, would most likely be uncovered during some sort of future archaeological dig, piecing together the strange habits of 21st Century Humans! However, where, in Scotland, donning a winter coat  in July is very much a possibility –  errm a bikini in December is a definite no no, unless she is lucky enough to be whisked away to warmer climes. Mmmm Maybe she needs to dig out that suitcase after all!

Emma recommends rainbow ‘slaw.

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