The Lancashire Hotpots

19th Jun 2013

Heard these guys on the radio while driving and couldn’t help doing a cheeky wee steering-wheel-tap. These guys are guaranteed to make you smile even in a traffic jam – funny lyrics and catchy melodies. Some tasty morsels include ‘The Beer Olympics’ and ‘Chippy Tea’. You’d be forgiven for thinking I’m talking about a greasy spoon, but no, get some hotpot on t’stereo!


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29 ways to stay creative

19th Jun 2013

Creativity – we all like to think we have a streak of it, but it needs cultivation. Motivation. And stimulation (ooer…!). This cute wee infographic dropped into our inboxes at Steps HQ and we thought it was worth a share, in case your creative juices are in need of a wee bit pulping! (Should’ve been 39 ways hehe, will think of another 10 while singing in the shower…)

Courtesy of © Lindsey Lawrence for Daily Infographic 2013.

29 ways to stay creative-A1_Final

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Looking to Invest??

28th Mar 2013

Death Star

With interest rates at a low, you might be looking to invest your hard earned money in the future. Hurry, only a couple of days left to invest in your very own Death Star with Kickstarter.

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The Red Tent

28th Mar 2013

The Red Tent Front Cover

The Red Tent a novel by Anita Diamant, tells the story of the life of Dinah, only daughter of the Bible’s Jacob. The book begins with the story of her mother, Leah and her three sisters, Rachel, Zilpah and Bilhah – all whom become the wives of Jacob. It’s a beautifully written story covering the rituals of womenhood in biblical times. The red tent is the place the women retreat to once a month to menstruate, coinciding with the dark moon. Often traumatic, but also sensual, it covers age old issues – menstruation, sex, childbirth and women’s roles in general as mothers, housekeepers, wives, healers and midwives. It is within the confines of the red tent, that the women share stories, and through laughter and tears, support each other during often difficult and challenging times. A deeply moving work of fiction set in a fascinating time.

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FedEx Bandwidth

27th Mar 2013

Here’s a bizarre but interesting question: what’s the faster way to transfer large amounts of data — over the internet or in the back of a Royal Mail van?

FedEx Bandwidth

We all know the frustration of waiting for a download to complete or a YouTube video to buffer (first world problems, eh?), but imagine if, as soon as you clicked the download link of the play button, a courier arrived at your door with a USB pen holding all that data you just requested. The whole file would be immediately available to you — no waiting, no spinning cursors and no progress bars slowly creeping along.

Evidently that’s a fairly impractical method of browsing the web, but in terms a one-time transfer of a large amount of data (for example setting up a full-server backup in a new location) it makes a surprising amount of sense. This method of transferring data is known as the ‘sneakernet’, i.e. a network based on sneakers (shoes). Naturally(!), the question that follows is: how does sneakernet compare to the internet in terms of bandwidth?

Well, as part of his What If series Randall Munroe, the creator of webcomic xkcd, set out to find the answer. We won’t ruin it for you; take a look over here: FedEx Bandwidth.

Other interesting questions he’s answered include:

and my personal favourite:

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